Bucking the system one sunset at a time!

ken – el capitan

KenI come from the land of the ice and snow – from the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.

Well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic; I’m actually from Illinois. Though, Illinois does get a little too cold in the wintertime… at least for my taste. Anyway, Led Zeppelin kicks ass, and you should always incorporate Led Zeppelin lyrics into your writing whenever possible.

Once I lived in Hawaii. A few years of living in Hawaii changes a man. More precisely, a few seasons in the tropics teaches a man that warm sun, clear water and coral reefs beat the snot out of grey skies, barren trees and frozen tootsies. My most recent land-based home was Washington D.C. How in the world I ended-up in Washington D.C. is another story, but, as it turns out, it gets flippin’ cold there, too!

Just like the tropics taught me that warm is better than cold, weekends have taught me that not going to work is better than going to work. This is particularly true when you consider the suck factor of traffic. Pfft. Who needs that? Stupid traffic. Also, if you don’t want to own a house, a fancy car or have children, then you probably don’t need a whole bunch of money. At least I don’t. On the other hand, leisure time and freedom are probably the most valuable things in the world. Don’t believe me? Take a vacation. After your first commute back to work, tell me what you think is the most valuable.

That’s why I’m here. Warm water and leisure time. Those 2 simple seeds can grow into:

  • oodles of SCUBA diving
  • beautiful sunsets
  • beautiful sunrises (just kidding; I’ll be sleeping through most of those)
  • afternoon naps
  • rum drinks
  • warm tootsies
  • lots of travel
  • grilled lobster
  • suntans
  • flippy-floppies
  • wide-brimmed hats
  • shorts
  • t-shirts
  • guitar playing
  • beach BBQ’s

Most Valuable Cruising Skill: Dashing good looks

Favorite Underwear Color: Mesh

Claim to Fame: Spits watermelon seeds a goodly distance

Number of Bowling Balls Juggled Concurrently: All of them

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