Bucking the system one sunset at a time!

Showers, They’re Not Just for People Anymore

We have a shower aboard the HuskaBean; I’ve seen it. It’s in the head – right next to the loo. In fact, it even has a seat… just like your home shower. No seat in your home shower? Well, then, just like at home, you can sit on the toilet while you bathe. Same as our boat. One shower, two seats. Everybody needs a place to rest while they’re showering – especially if you’ve forgotten to go potty before you got in the shower. We haven’t used the shower aboard the HuskaBean yet. We have used the bathroom. Perhaps it’s the same thing. Who knows?


The IntraCoastal Waterway is broken up into bite-sized pieces of day sailing/motoring. Generally, there is an obvious place to stop for every 6-8 hours of sailing. We typically like to anchor instead of tying up in a marina. Mostly because we’re cheap, and anchoring is free. It’s also more peaceful at anchor. No cars. No street lights. Fewer neighbors. Etc. Having fewer neighbors works out well when you haven’t showered in a few days. Sometimes it’s nice to bathe, though. In a real shower. One without a toilet. Therefore, we stop every few days somewhere that has an honest to goodness toiletless shower.



We’re having a great time, though – even if we are a little stinky. Traveling by boat has got to be one of the prettiest ways to see the country. Time slows down when you’re only moving at 7 mph. It’s awesome. The day of the week simply fades away into a gorgeous sunset. We’ve met some wonderful people. We’ve seen some beautiful places. I’ve seen more dolphins in one day than I have in all of my years working in an office. Paychecks… who needs them!!

The Crew!

The Crew!

We won't be going there!

We won’t be going there!

Pretty bird.

For now we’re anchored in Morehead City, NC. Maybe we’ll stay awhile. Maybe we won’t. It doesn’t matter. I’m sure that there is another shower a short daysail away!


Thanks for the photos, Cynthia and Yves!


  1. November 9, 2015    

    Get some doc browsers natural liquid soap. A little goes a long way. Biodegradable and you can bathe anywhere! Tight sails and tight lines!

  2. November 9, 2015    

    Um that would be dr browners. Stupid phone!

  3. Dan's Gravatar Dan
    November 9, 2015    

    Good stuff. I can almost smell you from here. And to be honest. .. I’m kinda jealous. Sail on!

  4. Sheila's Gravatar Sheila
    November 10, 2015    

    I should of given you Shaklee’s Basic H2 all purpose cleaner. You could shower in it, wash your dishes, clothes, boat, wash your fruits & veggies, sharpen your knives and excellent on boat algae and fish odors.

  5. Keith's Gravatar Keith
    November 15, 2015    

    Here’s what ya’ll needs: “‘I haven’t taken a shower in 12 years’: MIT scientist gives up on washing and claims to keep clean by spraying live bacteria on his skin


  6. November 21, 2015    

    In 5 years we have tried them all from showers that just dribble to showers that are so powerful they rip your skin off. Then we tried the one on the boat. it was and still is the best shower around. Hot powerful and fits two.
    The best showers though are the ones in the summer where you swim several times a day and then shower off the back of the boat in the sun and fresh air. Cannot be beaten.

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